The Game and Interactive Software Scholarship Toolkit (GISST) is a suite of tools dedicated to organizing and presenting citations of both games and emulated game states. Citations of games are handled by a set of command line scripts written in Python that can analyze a select set of imaged game data extracted from MS-DOS disks and Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 ROMs. The games data are placed into a citation database that then allows for a set of in-browser emulators (cross-compiled from popular C / C++ emulators) to be rendered and playable in the browser client. The image below shows the game analysis tool. This UI allows for the video and audio recording of game play, and the saving and loading of emulator states. The saved states and recorded performances appear below the emulation window. They are also given permanent URL links that allow for the embedding of emulated states and videos into any target HTML <div> tag. This project is a collaboration with Joseph Osborn at Pomona College.

The images below are from the initial prototype.